Cary A. Friedman
Chaplain, Speaker, Consultant, Author

Lectures By Cary A. Friedman

Cary Friedman gives lectures on a variety of topics:

  • Spiritual Survival for Law Enforcement
  • Spiritual Survival for the Law Enforcement Family
  • Critical Law Enforcement Self-Care
  • Practical Law Enforcement Chaplaincy
  • Police Ethics
  • Wisdom From the Batcave
  • Bringing Light into the Dark Places
  • Heroism
  • Food for Thought, Thought for Food
  • Healthy Attitudes and Habits, Not Diets: A Torah Approach to Eating
  • Self Esteem Through Jewish Spirituality
  • Enhancing Relationships, Achieving Intimacy
  • Biblical Secrets for Success in Marriage
  • Marital Intimacy
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Upcoming Schedule of Lectures



Selected Recent Lectures

2/21/13: Newtown, CT (C.A.B.L.E.)
3/4-7/13: Austin, TX
7/9-11/13: Grapevine, TX
8/5/13: Louisville, KY (Shield of Faith)
10/23/2013: JPA (Austin, TX)
11/11/2013: Yale (New Haven, CT)
2/24/14: St. Louis, MO 
3/10/14: Detroit, MI
4/7/14: Yale (New Haven, CT)
7/6-13/14: Ottawa, Canada
1/16/14: Memphis, TN
2/24/2015: FBI National Academy (Quantico, VA)
10/25-27/2015: Chicago (IACP 2015)
10/28/2015: Washington, DC
4/7/2017: Passaic, NJ PD
4/28/2017: Stamler Police Academy (Scotch Plains, NJ)
6/16/2017: Stamler Police Academy (Scotch Plains, NJ)