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WELCOME TO MY SITE, the home of all things Cary Friedman.  At first glance, it might appear that the books, presentation opportunities, and topics featured on this website are 'all over the place,' but there is one theme that pulls it all together and animates everything I do professionally (and, I hope, personally, in my own life, as well).

The central organizing principle at the core of everything here is the recognition that we all have a deep-seated desire -- more, a need -- to be the heroes of our own lives, and the acknowledgement that the way to do that is to use the wisdom that the Almighty has given us.  Whatever the activity or pursuit, we want to be heroic in meaningful, substantive ways, and we want to play positive roles in the lives of others.  That's an essential instinct and powerful need we have, the inevitable consequence of being created in the image of God and possessing a Godly soul.

This core principle unites the various areas that I discuss -- marriage, law enforcement, Batman, etc.

A WORD ABOUT THE LAW ENFORCEMENT LESSONS I share in my books, lectures, and seminars: The message is always spiritual, and never religious.  That's not an artificial distinction; it's real, and colors everything I do in my chaplaincy work.  My integrity in this area and my care never to break the rules and try to get religious indoctrination in 'under the wire' (an occupational hazard for deeply religious people who sometimes find it hard to 'hold themselves back') earned me my association with and the respect of the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit.  I have no interest in broadcasting my personal religious beliefs -- in fact, my faith does not permit proselytizing -- but I do want to share spiritual lessons that will enhance the lives of the brave men and women of law enforcement, their heroic families and loved ones, and the idealistic chaplains who minister to them.  The lessons I present are practical, powerful, universal, intuitive, proven, and nourishing, and they save careers and lives.  Indeed, my work in all the different media has been endorsed by police groups of all kinds, from devoutly, outspokenly Christian all the way to nondenominational (-- check out the "Reviews" section on this website for the wide variety of endorsements of my book "Spiritual Survival for Law Enforcement").  My hosts at police conferences never have to worry about me breaking the rules.

Look around the site, please.  I hope you find something you like.  If you don't find exactly what you're looking for, contact me and we'll talk -- I can design a presentation specifically for your topic and your audience.

All the best!

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